Asanas: Shalabhasana

This is a locust pose. This asana has two variations.

  • This asana strenthens the muscles of the legs and lower back..
  • It also benefits people suffering from rheumatic pains in the lower back and hips.
  • It reduces the excess weight around the hips, waist and abdomen.

Method I

  1. Lie on the stomach. The chin should touch the floor.
  2. Extend the arms along the sides. Clench the fists and inhale. The hands could also be palced under the thighs.
  3. While exhaling, raise the right leg as much as you can, and slightly press the clenched fists.
  4. The head should not be raised from the ground and the knees should not be bent.
  5. While inhaling lower the leg and relax.

Method II

  • Please the palms underneath the thighs. Inhale.
  • While exhaling raise both the legs.
  • While inhaling lower the legs and relax.

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