Sri Nataraja Sahasranamam & Other Stotras Audio cd Titles

Lord Nataraja or Natesha is an attribute of Lord Shiva. His enthralling
cosmic dance ‘Ananda Tandavam’ is a symbol of the rhythm of existence,
the never ending dynamic process of creation and destruction – the
ever changing evolution. He is worshipped as a representative of
the five elements – earth, water, air, fire and ether.

Shiva is unique in that, He is the first and foremost God of all
arts and science. He has four arms: one right hand holds the ‘damaru’,
symbol of creation through the primordial sound; in one of the left
hands, the purifying fire, a symbol of transformation; the other
right hand makes the reassuring gesture; the other left hand, the
protecting gesture; his left foot, lifted up, evokes liberation and
salvation; his right foot crushes the demon of ignorance and evil.

Track Listing:

  • Sri Nataraja Gayathri & Dhyanam
  • Sri Nataraja Sahasranamam
  • Sri Chidambashtakam
  • Sri Chidambra Panchachamara Stotram
  • Sri Nataraja Pathi Madhura Dasakam
  • Sri Nataraja Thandava Stotram
  • Sri Chidambareshwarar Stuthi
  • Sri Natesashtakam
  • Sri Nataraja Karna Ranjakam & Mangalam

CDSR 100

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