Deities: Tales of Narada

The divine sage Narada is the most popular figure in Puranic lore. No event of significance takes place in the Puranas that Narada does not have a hand in. He is depicted as a messenger always on the move, visiting the devas, the manavas and the asuras and honoured by all.Although Narada is always referred to with respect in mythology, he is often misunderstood and ridiculed by the common people as a carrier of tales and a mischief-maker. However, Narada’s so-called mischief invariably brings about the downfall of the wicked and furthers the cause of the good.

A great devotee of Vishnu, he is credited with the invention of the Veena – a musical instrument, the authorship of the code of laws and of ‘Narada Bhakti Sutra’ (aphorisms on devotion).The three tales included here are based on the Shiva Purana and other popular legends. They tell us how Narada, although a divine sage, at times falls prey to temptation and became conceited. Fortunately for Narada, Vishnu was beside him to pull him up every time he succumbed to human weakness. Gradually, Narada became free from human failings and attained true equanimity of mind.

Script : Onkar Nath Sharma
Illustrator :P.B. Kavadi
ISBN : 81-7508-070-1

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