Om Namah Shivay Audio Titles

Shiva, Natraja, Shankar, Neelkanth, and hundreds of such beautiful
names have been bestowed on the Omnipresent and most powerful Lord
of Hinduism ? Shiva or Mahadev that literally means the God of the
Gods. Shiva is the very essence of Hinduism; the core of its existence
emitting bright sparks of true knowledge and spurs of fulfillment
from the nuclei that is Shiva. The most imperative and elemental
form of devotion that is known to mankind is in the form of worship
of Shiva Lingam as noted in all our Vedas. It is this symbolic and
true devotion of Shiva Lingam especially on the Mahashivaratri day
that pleases the three-eyed Lord Shiva.

This will surely culminate into the devotee of Lord Shiva attaining
Nirvana after enriching himself with the sweet nectar of peace, happiness
and success during his stay in this world. This devotional album
of Lord Shiva has a continuous and soothing flow of authentic Vedic
verses in praise of Lord Shiva, in the voice of famous playback singer,
Suresh Wadkar. Chorus plays an important role in this album since
Sankirtan is a group singing songs/bhajans/kirtans in praise of the
All-pervading Lord. The enthralling album ends with a traditional
Aarti-?Jai Shiv Omkara’ that takes the listeners in the mystical
world of Shiva devotion. A must buy album for the truest Lord Shiva
devotee particularly for worship on the eve of the upcoming Mahashivaratri ? the
divine festival of Lord Shiva

Singer: Suresh Wadkar

Music: Sanjayraj Gaurinandan

Track Listing:

  • Shree Shiv Sankirtan
  • Aarti – ‘Om Jai Omkaara’ (Traditional)

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