Shiva?Shakti Upasana Audio Titles

Prayer requires a living faith in God and there is no grace of
God without prayer. Shakti Mohimna Stotra composed by the Sage Durvasa
is a famous hymn in the worship of Shakti. The first part of this
work contain the Matrikas (the mystic syllables) like Soundoryo Lahari
the first port of this Stotra forms as the explanation of Mantras
and the second part describes the form of Shakti. The method of meditating
upon Kundalini, the efficacy of Bijaksharas especially the 15 lettered
Mantra, Komakala Vimarsana, Shakti’s Gayatri form, the form of Sri
Chakra, and the effect of Mahapraasaada vidya etc., are dealt with
in the first port. The meditation on the foot to head of Shokti,
the power of her weapons, and the inner form of worship etc, are
explained in the later part.

Shiva Mahimna Stotra is a prayer to Lord Shiva composed (earlier
than 10″ Century A.0) with a devotional fervour by Pushpadanta the
famous devotee of the Lord. As the numerous learned commentaries
on the hymn attest, it is a Powerful and philosophical hymn in thought
and expression. The beauty of this hymn is that it could be applied
to Vishnu also, as interpreted by Madhusudana Saraswati.

In addition to the above Stotras, this Compact Disc contains Shivaa-Shiva
Stotra, Daaridriya Dohnna Shiva Stotra etc, appropriate to the Aradhano
of Shiva-Shakti. The listening to these stotras would invoke the
blessings of the divine couple and bring merits, wealth and prosperity!

Track Listing:

  • Shivaa-Shiva Stotra
  • Daaridriya Dahana Shiva Stotra

SA 103

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