Santoshi Maa Aarti I

Glory, all glory to you, O Mother Santoshi; being a
of compassionate and contented disposition,
you bestow on your faithful devotees both joy and wealth.
You are elegantly attired, O Mother, in golden garments
and bedecked with lustrous jewels, diamonds and emeralds.
The red ochre splendour of your lotus?face looks
splendid while, O Compassionate Mother, your faint, feeble smile
enthrals all the three spheres.
While you are seated on your golden throne, a beloved
votary of yours is waiving a chowry; incense, a lighted
lamp, honey, dry fruits and other delicious offerings are
lying as food presented to you.
Jaggery and unfried gram are your supreme favourites and satisfy
you most; being the very incarnation of contentment you endow your devotees
with great affluence and prosperity.
You regard Friday as especially consecrated to you; it being
the same day today, a company of your votaries has assembled and yielded
to the charming account of your miracles.
The temple lights are glimmering while the atmosphere all around
is charged with auspicious sounds. With bowed  heads your children
are paying homage to you.
May you accept our worship which brims over your faith
and devotion, and bless us with the fulfillment of our
heart?s desire.
You relieved the impoverished and ailing humanity of its distress
and replenished the homes of the unfortunate with plenty of foodgrains
and blessed them with happiness and good luck.
He who meditated on you never failed to receive your
blessing of contentment. Blessed are the homes of those
who adore you and listen to the story of your marvellous
Pray protect, O Mother, the honour of him who seeks
refuge in you; being full of the milk of divine kindness,
you alone can deliver me from these deepening crises.
The devotee, who performs this ceremony of singing the
aarti song in adoration of Mother Santoshi, is blessed with prosperity,
accomplishment, happiness, and wealth to his heart?s content. 

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