Somvar Vrat Katha CD Audio Titles

Shiva is the ultimate ‘face’ of Hinduism and is considered to be
the pinnacle of perfection in all acts of this world. Since time
immemorial Monday is considered to be the day for appeasement and
worship of Lord Shiva. It is considered by innumerable devotees of
Lord Shiva that the worship of Lord Shiva combined with a fast (Vrat)
undertaken by them on this day will appease the Lord and He will
shower all His blessings on them. This will surely culminate into
the devotee of Lord Shiva attaining Nirvana after enriching himself
with the sweet nectar of peace, happiness and success during his
stay in this world.

The undeniable importance of Shiva worship on Mondays is beautifully
explained in the Skanda Purana that says – That the Lord Shiva devotee
is blessed who has realized the true meaning of selfless, pure, ever
peaceful and most virtuous way of unblemished meditation toward Lord
Shiva. Those who are indeed away from sinners and selfish people
and who are immersed in the greatest glory of devotion to Lord Shiva
will certainly be rewarded with salvation. The poisons of this materialistic
world will never affect the devotee who in spite of living in this
poisonous world full of egotistic and conceited people and yet is
always lost in the worship of Lord Shiva. The Shiva devotee is always
protected by the transparent aura of worship toward Lord Shiva that
will continue to guide him in his path of righteousness. It is explained
that people who worship Lord Shiva on Mondays will always achieve
their objectives and will never be deprived of praise and success.

Thus it is said that anyone who desire happiness and an accomplished
life should keep a fast on every Monday along with worshipping Lord
Shiva with the complete procedure of reciting Vedic and traditional
Mantras and Chants in praise of Lord Shiva. Bachelors, married persons,
unmarried girl, married women and everyone else should worship Lord
Shiva on every Monday along with undertaking a fast on this day for
a complete harmonious and successful life. This album contains the
entire Pooja Vidhi (Pooja Procedure), the Vrat Katha and finally
the mesmerizing Lord Shiva Aarti that takes the listeners in the
mystical world of Shiva devotion. A must buy album for the truest
Lord Shiva devotee!

Track Listing:

  • Commentary
  • Shiv Pradhan Pooja
  • Somvar Vrat Katha
  • Shiv Aarti

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