: Aura Of Positivity CD & Cassette

Aura Of Positivity

Aura is the energy field emitted by every human being that channelises the passing on of messages from the soul to the universe. An aura is most often visible only to those born with the skill to see it or those who develop this ability. A visible aura contains various colours depending on the person’s mood and state of wellness.

Let the music of this album find its way to your soul, developing a transparent veil of constructive energy around your body that not only benefits your being but also those around you.

Develop a positive aura and experience positive manifestation of your desires that help you imbide happiness, contentment and peace. Tune intoauspiciousness by inviting posiyive vibes into your life

The positive energy beckons you!

Track Listing:

  • Shankhanad
  • Ganesh Dhyan Mantra
  • Tulsi Namashtakam
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Mangal Geetam
  • Aashirvad Shlokam
  • Positive Vibes
  • Sangachhadnam
  • Navagraha Peedahar Stotra
  • Hari Om
  • Yachna


  • Shankar Mahadevan
  • Sadhana Sargam
  • Rattan Mohan Sharma
  • Sanjeev Abhyankar

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