Devotion – Instrumental Temple Music CD

Devotion – Instrumental Temple Music

In Hinduism, devotion and worship to the Almighty is not confined only to the grandiose temples but allows one free reign to connect with the Aatma (Soul), anywhere, at any time of the day, be it at home, a holy site or simply outdoors.

In this album ‘Devotion’, the very gifted and talented flautist, Rakesh Chaurasia and the King of Pakhawaj, Pandit Bhavani Shankar come together to create sombre yet sublime temple music in Dhrupad style, appropriate for the home or one’s cocoon elsewhere.

Eight melodious tracks provide a pefect backdrop to everyday worship and meditation.


  • Raag Prabhadeswhwri
  • Raag Gujri Todi
  • Raag Shudh Sarang
  • Raag Yaman
  • Raag Jhinhoti
  • Raag Main Ki Malhar
  • Raag Chandrakauns
  • Raag Jog

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