Gyan Jyoti CD

Gyan Jyoti

The brightest light of all is considered to be Wisdom or Knowledge, the Gyan of the intellect and our inner self. The true Enlightenment is only attained by knowledge and is always considered to be an evolvement of our life and spiritual realization. The Atma or the Soul is ever hungry for learning the unknown, ever seeking answers far beyond the obvious and it is this search for knowledge that makes our goals attainable and reach the pinnacles of glory. The recitation of, or merely listening to the mantras featured in this album, before commencing upon one?s studies, is known to have the power to sharpen the child?s mental and intellectual abilities. These mantras are a humble prayer to Goddess Saraswati to grant us success in all our endeavors.

Mother Saraswati is the primordial Goddess of Knowledge and since Vedic times the benevolent Mother has enlightened our souls and granted us the sweet nectar of achievements. Truly a must buy album for the ever-thirsty seeker of knowledge and especially for students of all ages!

CD: $9.50
Cassette: $2.75

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