Kavacham Mantras For Protection

The fear of the known rather than the unknown is often brushed aside by most of us in our daily lives. Our mind tends to create its own mech of insecurities and we strive to overpower the obstacles strewn across our path to achivement. Kavach, a special genre of remedial mantras belived to create a shield of protection against danger, is an answer for all our quests of supremacy that we seek over hostile and adverse cicumstances.

Mantras like Ganesh Kavacham, Narayan Kavacham etc. as compiled in this album, guide us for attaining peace within ourselves. The repetition of these kavachams’s is believed to protect the devotee from natural and super natural calamities and creates an armour against varied malefic influences.


  • Anuradha Paudwal
  • Ravindra Sathe
  • Vijay Prakash

Track Listing:

  • Ganesh Kavacham
  • Gayatri Kavacham
  • Narayan Kavacham
  • Mahadurga Kavacham
  • Surya Kavacham
  • Guru Kavacham
  • Tulsi Kavacham
  • Annapoorna Kavacham
  • Shani Vajra Panjar Kavacham
  • Sudarshan Kavacham
  • Mangal Kavacham

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