Asanas: Bhujangasana

  • Bhujanga means a serpent.
  • This asana resembles a cobra reared up on its caudal support with the hood fully expanded.
  • With this asana back pain and spinal disorders are cured.
  • Pressure is exerted on the internal organs of the abdomen, and the excreta is pushed to the anus, and hels people suffering from conspitation.
  • The ovaries and uterus get strengthened as they get sufficient blood circulation.


  1. Lie on the stomach with the face parallel to the floor and the chin touching the chest.
  2. Keep all the muscles relaxed and place the palms of both the hands on the floor below the shoulders.
  3. Inhaling, lift the head and torso upwards by pressing the palms downwards on the floor. Keep the legs pressed on the floor and stretch the legs, soles facing the sky and toes touching the floor.
  4. The shoulder and back muscles get completely stretched and the sbdomen gets elongated.
  5. Hold your breath.
  6. Remain in this posture for 20 seconds.
  7. Exhale.
  8. Come down.

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