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Shubh Laabh Prayers for abundance

Our culture recognizes the importance of material wealth for all the overall happiness & well being of an individual. Wealth is necessary, as it helps every individual to perform duties to uphold dharma & ensure the welfare and progress of family & society. Material wealth is the second most important objective in life, that 'laabh' is always 'shubh' - in keeping with Dharma or Righteousness.

Shubh & Laabh : These are 2 words that are firmly embedded in the psyche of every Indian. Every household & business establishment has these 2 words along with the Swastika & the images of Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Ganesha on either sides. These are worshipped in the traditional manner with incense sticks or the aarti before proceeding with the day ahead. The words Shubh - Laabh are inscribed in vermilion in new books & registers that are worshipped during the 'Lakshmi - Poojan' during Diwali.

In this album, we call upon the Grace of both, Adi Deva Ganesha & Shree Lakshmi for their benevolence & munificence on us in our endeavor of acquisition of wealth. Through the powerful mantras & shlokas, we seek to invoke all the energies so as to smoothen our path of attaining prosperity & worldly happiness. The mantras are repeated 108 times in order to resonate in the house or the workplace of the listener for maximum effectiveness. The daily worship of the householder /businessman will bring peace & auspicious energy at home as well as the work place

The Contents:

  1. Punyavaachan Shloka
  2. Swasti Vaachan
  3. Ganesh Stotra for ' laxmi praapti '
  4. Laxmi Ganesh Mantras ( 108 times )
  5. Kanakadhaara Stotram

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