Mahamantras CD


This collection presents the most powerful and authentic mantras yet compiled in one single spiritual album and are therefore named as ? Mahamantras. Mantras, being divine sound vibrations, are composed of sacred syllables containing great spiritual power or energy. Utilizing mantras allows us to concentrate and focus this spiritual energy. These Mahamantras were perceived originally by the great seers or rishis from the primeval or cosmic ether and translated into very definite syllables with rhythm and melody. The word “mantra” is composed, in Sanskrit, of two root words.

Man” means “mind”, or “thinking”, and “tra” to “release or free”. Therefore the meaning is to free the mind and thinking from the material sphere of consciousness and to be able to transcend the wheel of “samsara” or “birth and death within this physical world”. Chanting these Mahamantras promotes harmony on all levels as it awakens the spiritual self. Once awakened, ultimately the spiritual self or soul turns within to the source of all power and can direct spiritual energy not only for personal benefit but also for the good of all others.

All Mahamantras have six aspects, a seer or rishi a raga, a presiding deity (Devata), a seed sound (bija), power (shakti) and pillar (kilaka). We hereby present this one-of-its kind album ? Mahamantras consisting of some of the greatest mantras sung in the praise of our Hindu Gods and Deities. Indisputably an album that reverberates with an inherent energy that jolts the sleeping mind and elevates our spiritual knowledge to the highest plane ? Nirvana.

Track Listing:

  • Commentary
  • Gayatri Stuti
  • Shri Shiv Mantra
  • Mangal Kaamna Mantra
  • Ganesh Mahamantra
  • Beej Mantra
  • Mahalakshmi Mahamantra
  • Shri Ganesh Dhyan Mantra
  • Shri Krishna Mantra
  • Pradnya Vardan Mantra
  • Vaastu Mantra
  • Kanakdhara Mantra
  • Shubh Laabh Mantra
  • Rognashan Mantra
  • Prakirna Mantra
  • Mritunjay Mahamantra
  • Hanuman Mahamantra
  • Shanti Mantra

Singers: Pandit Jasraj, Shakar Mahadevan & Others

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