Mangal Audio CD


FREE Shani Yantra along with each CD or a cassette!

Right from countering the effects of MAngal Dosh in your horoscope, to empowering your environs with the magic touch of energy and endeavour -this new offering from is truly a seeker’s solace and listener’s delight.

Charged with the electric voice of Arati Ankalikar, and enriched with some powerful mantras, strotras and shlokas prescribed in the shastras, this unique audio album not only works towards weaving an armour of spiritual protection around you, but it also fills the air with some rare and inspiring musical creations and auspicious vibrations.

Shuvam astu, Mangalam astu – let your life force resonate with the blessings of Mangal

CD: $9.50
Cassette: $2.75

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