Short Stories From The Mahabharata – Drona VCD

This is the story of a comman man who rose to great heights to
achieve fame, success and glory and who is immortalized by his
brave deeds and tremendous willpower. He rose above his circumstances,
set his mind out to achieve something and didn?t let anything
hold him back. Being the teacher of the Pandavas and the Kauravas,
the training of these great Princes was in his able hands. He not
only imparted his knowledge of archery to his students but also
instilled in them values of valor and honour. Drona?s story
is one that inspired and continues to inspire us all. It shows
us just what we can achieve once we put our mind – and heart to

Ignorance of Drona – This story traces Drona?s humble beginnings
to his elevated status as the guru of the Pandavas and Kauravas.
Drona had vowed to take revenge against Drupada, his childhood
friend and he asked the Pandavas, as Gurudakshina, to wage war
against him. This was the beginning of another epic and exciting

Drona?s Commitment – This story unveils
Duryodhana?s plan to capture
Yudhistra and how Drona unwittingly gets caught up in this plan. As Drona is
undefeatable, Krishna has to resort to unfair means to defeat him and it is
only his love for his son that leads to Drona?s unfortunate death.

Drona and Abhimanyu – This story unravels the
cause behind the untimely death of Abhimanyu, the beloved son of
Arjuna, during the great battle of the Mahabharata. Drona?s
legendary loyalty to Duryodhana is put to the test in this tale
and he proves his allegiance even at the cost of going against the rules
of warfare that he holds in such high regard.

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