CD of Mantras: On God & Goddesses

Mantras ? On God & Goddesses

The Gods & Goddesses of Hinduism only represent the different functions and powers of the one Supreme God. The deities are shown as the male female because the existence of the manifested universe depends upon the primary differentiation of the Supreme Reality into two opposite aspects, one positive a d the other negative.

Track Listing:

  • Sri Ganapati Ashtotram
  • Sri Ganapati Moola Mantra
  • Sri Lakshmi Ashtottaram
  • Ashtalakshmi Stotram
  • Dvadasa Jyothirlinga Stotram
  • Om Arunachaleswara Namaha
  • Subramanya Gayatri
  • Dhanvantri Gayatri
  • Dhanvantri Dhyanam
  • Hanuman Gayatri


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