Music For Diabetes

This research has been carried out by Dr. T. Mythily, Ph.D, a research scholar, a clinical psychologist and Music Therapist. She is Director of Music Therapy Department, Apollo Hospital, Chennai. INDIA

  • Pleasant tunes transfers good vibrations in the atmosphere
  • Music acts on our mind before being transformed into thought and feeling
  • Music influences the lower and higher cerebral centers of the brain
  • Use of music as a therapy helps search of an individual?s personal harmony
  • Music therapy is an important tool in the treatment of both psychological and psychosomatic disorders.
  • Music therapy stimulates good vibrations in the nerves of the listeners
  • Music brings about a sense of mental well being in individuals
  • Music therapy helps to clear the junked thought in mind, which leads to have positive frame of mind
  • Music therapy enhances the concentration level of children
  • Effect of music on the behaviour is enormous
  • Music improves the capacity of planning
  • Music training helps to express refined exhibition of emotions and clarity in cognition too
  • Music therapy stimulates beta cell activities

CDSA 226

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