:Music To Enhance Intellect & Creativity

Music To Enhance Intellect & Creativity

Creativity is ability, which is in short supply. It is valued by all segments of the society. Worldwide psychologists use the term creativity, synonymously with imagination, originality, divergent thinking, inventiveness, intuition, venturesome ness, exploration and so on. Creative imagination, fantasy and problem solving ability relate to an unorganized thought process. Doubtless there are aspects of personality and motivations that are involved in creativeness.

This classical music album with selected ragas and specific emphasis on certain notes enhances the creative curve of mind which shapes the intellectual approach of the individual. Unorganized thought processes gets streamlined. The selected ragas presented in this album help towards better creative ability.

This research has been carried out by Dr. T. Mythily, Ph.D, a research scholar, a clinical psychologist and Music Therapist. She is Director of Music Therapy Department, Apollo Hospital, Chennai. INDIA


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