Himalayan Chants CD

Himalayan Chants

An album of extensively researched divine sounds of spirituality comprising of twelve unique collection of stutis and chants which surely is a must buy for any serious collector of Indian classical and devotional music.

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Himalayan Chants II

An extremely superlative spiritual album that encompasses the best-known
Vedic Chants popularly termed as Himalayan Chants, this is the second
presentation of the earlier released Himalayan Chants (Part 1) that attained
the tag of bestseller within the shortest possible time. This album too has
some of the most amazing range of Chants that have been amassed together
thus making this album an eternal masterpiece. It presents a perfect blend
of authentic mantras of Hinduism with excellent devotional music and the
result is awe-inspiring.

One gets lifted in to the airy elevations of a
heady connotation while listening to the sounds of the traditional Hindu
chants like the Ganpati Avahanam, Krishna Avahanam, Shri Ram Avahanam, Devi
Avahanam amongst other Chants from Vedas or listening to Chants like
Paropkar/Kshamapana, Shri Krishna Dwadashnaam Stotram, Mangalgeetam and
others in the classical voices of Ashit Desai, Sanjeev Abhyankar, Hema Desai
and others gives a feeling of perpetual ecstasy united with the pure
fragrance of devotion. This is indeed an exhilarating compilation of the
finest Hindu Chants immersed in the rich realm of Indian classical Ragas in
one such music album.

Track Listing:

  • Ganpati Avahanam
  • Krishna Avahanam
  • Ram Avahanam
  • Devi Avahanam
  • Vishnu Avahanam
  • Shiv Avahanam
  • Guru Avahanam
  • Hanuman Avahanam
  • Surya Avahanam
  • Paropkar
  • Geetaji Ke Atharah Naam
  • Shri Krishna Dwadashnaam Stotram
  • Bhavanyashtakam
  • Manalgeetam

CD: $9.50

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