Mantras for Peace & Prosperity CD

Mantras for Peace & Prosperity

Since time immemorial humankind has been in the constant search for the ever-elusive radiance of Peace & Prosperity that undeniably holds the secret key of the rigmaroles in our mechanical lifestyle. These twin worldly boons are indeed the primary objectives for which there is a ceaseless clamor in our lives and are the ultimate goals that we seek. The ancient Hindu Vedanta has pragmatically evolved unique ways and means to attain these in the form of daily recitation of authentic Vedic Mantras and Chants.

The deities to pray to for these purposes are Shiva, Ashvinikumar, Vishnu, Ganapati, Lakshmi, Durga, Annapoorna, Vastupurush, Annapoorna, Bagalamukhi, Narsimha and Hanuman. The basic desire of every normal human being is Health, Longevity, Livelihood, Progeny, Prosperity, Sufficiency of Food, Home, Satisfaction from Home, removal of obstacles & attaining everlasting peace. This unique album answers all these queries by featuring Vedic Mantras like Swasti Vachan, Griha Kalaha Nashak Brahma Shakti Stotra, Ayu Arogya Bala Prapti Stotra, Araogya Dayak Soorya Kavacham, Kanak Dhara Stotra & Annapoorna Stotra.

Artistes ? Suresh Wadkar, Devaki Pandit, Ravindra Sathe & Ronu Majumdar.

Track Listing:

  • Introduction – Harish Bhimani
  • Commentary Swati Vachan – Harish Bhimani
  • Swati Vachan – Dr. B. P. Vyas
  • Commentary Griha Kalaha Nashak Brahma Shakti Stotra – Harish Bhimani
  • Griha Kalaha Nashak Brahma Shakti Stotra – Suresh Wadkar & Devaki Pandit
  • Commentary Ayu Arogya Bala Prapti Stotra – Harish Bhimani
  • Ayu Arogya Bala Prapti Stotra – Suresh Wadkar
  • Commentary Arogya Dayak Soorya Kavacham – Harish Bhimani
  • Arogya Dayak Soorya Kavacham – Devaki Pandit
  • Commentary Kanak Dhara Mantra / Stotra – Harish Bhimani
  • Kanak Dhara Mantra – Dr. B. P. Vyas
  • Kanak Dhara Stotra – Devaki Pandit, Suresh Wadkar & Ravindra Sathe
  • Commentary Putra Praaptikar Shashthi Stotram – Harish Bhimani
  • Putra Praaptikar Shashthi Stotram – Devaki Pandit
  • Commentary Annapoorna Mantra / Stotra – Harish Bhimani
  • Dhyaan Mantra – Suresh Wadkar & Dr. B. P. Vyas
  • Annapoorna Stotra – Ravindra Sathe & Devaki Pandit
  • Commentary Baalaashish Stotram – Harish Bhimani
  • Baalaashish Stotram – Suresh Wadkar & Devaki Pandit
  • Commentary Sankashta Nashanam Sankatashtakam – Harish Bhimani
  • Sankashta Nashanam Sankatashtakam – Suresh Wadkar & Ravindra Sathe
  • Commentary Shanti Paath – Harish Bhimani
  • Shanti Paath – Dr. B. P. Vyas
  • Shehnai – Madhu Dhumal

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