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The album begins with the Vaastustuti, which is sung in praise of Vaastu Purush, who was born from the droplets of sweat which once poured of Lord Shiva. After the Vaastustuti, which invokes Vaastu Purush, Ganesh Vandana and a shlokh in praise of Lord Ganesh is sung before starting the ritual of Vaastu Shuddhi & Shanti.

The ritual of Vaastu Shuddhi starts with the Kalash Sthapan chants are usually recited by a pandit to purify one’s environment. The instrumentation in this track is kept to a minimum to allow the power of the chants to some through. This is followed by the Shikhyadi – Davata Awahan which summons all the Gods to bless the environment. We then proceed to the 108 chants of Vaastu Purush – ‘Om Sir Vaastu Devaya Namah’

The ritual of Vaastu Shanti proceeds towards conclusion with the Kshama Prathna – a prayer of forgiveness towards anything wrong that has been said or done and then asking for Vaastu Purush‘s blessings. This is then rounded off with the Shanti Mantra which begins with the sounds of crickets, the ocean and the gong. These are auspicious elements with respect to Vaastu and their sounds are helpful in spreading positive vibrations. The chant ‘Om Shanti Om‘ has been recited along with the Shanti Mantra to spread peace, happiness and harmony in one’s environment.

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