Vastu Pooja & Vastu Shanti Mantras

Vastu Pooja & Vastu Shanti Mantras

“Vastu” is a creative, dynamic and scientific Vedic system of Architecture to design building of a tower,
mansion or a house developed by the ancient sages to ensure good fortune, peace, prosperity, creativity,
health, happiness and harmony for the inhabitants.

In incorrectly designed structures one feels anxious, stressful and despondent. Poorly designed structures
produce sickness and depression. “Vastu” combines the earth’s magnetic fields, the influence of planets and
other celestial bodies along with cosmic rays. It plays a vital role in happy family life and prosperity of
business. To day, with the globally growing urbanisation, and paucity of space It is practically impossible to
even dream of a home or office conforming to the laws of “Vastu”. In such a situation it is not economical
and feasible to either re-construct or demolish the existing building.

Hence, to word of the evil effects of such buildings without conformity to Vastu Sastra, Vastu pujo and
Vastu Santi Mantras are traditionally recited creating the vibration to invoke natural harmony and the
blessings of “Vostu Puma”, the Divine Lord of Architecture.

This Compact Disc begins with Vastu Gayatri. It comprises of Vighneswara Puja, Sankalpa,Punyohavacana, Kalasa puja, Vastu parivara devata Avahanam (Dhyana, Navagroha and Lokapolapu|a),
Pranapratistha, Upacara Puja, Vostu Namavali, Vastu Santi and Japa Mantras, Dhupa, Dipa, Naivedya,
Karpura Nirajanam, Montrapuspam, Pradaksino Namaskorom, Yathasthanam and Proksanam.

This Compact Disc enhances the compatibility between the House and its occupants.
It improves spiritual and material life, creativity, intelligence, the health, longitivity of life, the
relationship among the residents. When this vibration is crated in the work spots it increases the
efficiency of employees their creativity and intelligence. It ensures smooth functioning of the business
and profit. There is no need to demolish or restructure the building, if this puja and Shanti Mantras are
regularly vibrated on the premises with faith and confidence on the Divine powers.

Track Listing:

  • Vastu Gayatri
  • Vighneswara Pu|a
  • Sankalpa
  • Punyahavacana,
  • Kalasa puja,
  • Vastu parivara devata Avahanam (Dhyana,Navograha and Lokopalopu|a)
  • Pranapratistha
  • Upacara Puja
  • Vastu Namavali
  • Vastu Santi and Jopa Mantras
  • Dhupa
  • Dipa
  • Naivedya
  • Karpura Nirajanam
  • Mantrapuspam
  • Pradaksina Namaskaram
  • Yathasthanam
  • Proksanam


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