Mythology: Sati & Shiva

The story of Shiva’s marriage is symbolic of the perfect fusion of the male and female principles which, according to a Hindu view of life, are the moving powers behind the universe.Shiva (the male principle), the Supreme Consciousness, will acquire the power to create and destroy elements only in conjunction with Shakti (the female principle). That was why Vishnu and others were keen to see Shiva married.

Though the word Shiva rarely occurs in the Vedas (it does in the Yajurveda) there are adequate references to show Rudra (another name for Shiva) as the Supreme Consciousness. The Kenopanishad mentions Uma as the ‘maya’ or manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness.The story of Sati brings home to us in simple terms, the truth and beauty of a lofty vedic con

Script : Kamala Chandrakant
Illustrator :P.B. Kavadi
ISBN : 81-7508-044-2

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