Aditya Hridayam & Soorya Stotras Audio Titles

Surya the Sun-God the perceivable Almighty is Worshipped from the
vedic days. The lives in the earth survive because of the solar energy.
He is the main planet engaging the minds of scientists. His auto
saving energy and ever burning nature, his systematic movement in
the orbit and encompassing other planets in his system still remains
as the mystery. Our ancestors after thorough scientific research
discovered the effect of his power and his impact over the other
planets and especially on the earth occupied by human and other living

Seers symbolised him to be the eye of Brahmin. He is the hard Disc
storing the knowledge data. His rays have the therapeutic value.
In brief the Power of the sun is beyond comprehension and those meditating
on him could feel and derive multifarious benefits.

Sri Rama chanted Adityahrdaya taught by the Sage Agastya and attained
the power to conquer the enemy forces. Dharmaputra, worshipping the
Sun received the gift of Akshaya paatra, the never emptying food
vessel. Sun-Worship had secured Emperor Satrajit Syamantaka a divine
jewel capable of supplying copious gold daily; cured the leprosy
of samba the son of Lord Krishna. Worshipping the sun

Yogisvara Yagnavalkya secured the rare Sukia Yajurveda; Hanuman
attained the wisdom and the blind poet Mayura the author of Surya
sataka got his eye sight. Why elaborate, the Sun-God is an indispensable
deity especially for human race! Arogyam Bhaskaroditchet – a good
health is desired from the sun. Surya Namaskara etc, testify the
above facts. Listering the prayers to the Sun God, certainly will
establish a favourable contact of mind with the solar power, which
would accomplish the physical and spiritual cravings. wish the listeners to derive the spiritual and the
physical benefits and live a long life free from diseases.

He who chants the Surya mantra is bestowed upon with health, strength,
vigor & vitality.

Track Listing:

  • Sooryagayathri
  • Sooryasuprabatham
  • Pratasmarana Stotram
  • Soorya Kavacham (Trilokya Mangalam)
  • Soorya Mandalashtakam
  • Soorya Ashtakam
  • Yajnavalkya Krta Soorya Kavacham
  • Adityahridayam
  • Soorya Sahasranamam
  • Soorya Mangalam

CD SR 069

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