Kena Upanishad: Book II

1. If you think, 'I know it well', you know just a little the form of brahman�that part of it which is you and that part of it which is among the gods. I think you should investigate that unknown:

2. I do not think, 'I know it well', And I do not know, 'I don't know it, Whoever of us knows it, knows it, And does not know, 'I don't know it.'

3. It is thought of by the one to whom it is unthought; The one by whom it is thought of�he does not know, It is not understood by the understanders; It is understood by those who do not understand.

4. It is thought of when it is realised by awakening to it: So one finds immortality. Through oneself (atman) one finds power: Through wisdom one finds immortality.

5. If, here, one has known it, it is truth; If, here, one has not known it�great destruction! The wise discern it in every being, And when they leave this world, become immortal.

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