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The first and foremost wealth is health. And long life is the gift
of God. A healthy body alone can house a healthy mind. Health is
the key to open up all the avenues of enjoyments. Though, good health
is maintained by the proper nourishment of the body and physical
exercises, it requires divine sanction. So also a healthy mind and
long life ore to be sanctioned by the Divine Powers.

Since the prayers through Sanskrit the divine language have the
efficacy to invoke boons and blessings of God, we are introducing
a long tested therapy of Mantras. Navigate your soul to the Divine
Orbit by listening to the transmission of Divine spells and incantations
to invoke powers from the infinite cosmic energy for deriving Good
health and useful long life.

This Compact Disc is exclusively compiled for Health and Long Life.
The following are the Chants: Mrtyunjaya Mantra, Sudarsana Mantram,
Ayusya Suktam, Bhogya Suktom, Mrtyusuktam, Amrto Sanjivani Stotram,
Laksmi Narosimha Karavalombham, Camakam, Garuda Dondakam, Bhaskara
Gayotri and Surya Kavacam, Sanaiscaro Gayath and Kavacam, Sankastha
Nasano Ganesa Stotram, Mahalaksmi Angola Stotram and Asirvadam.

These hymns are recited with perfect diction by Brahmosri Pudukkottai
Mahalinga Sastri, Brahmosri Parosurama Ganapatigol (President Awardee),
Dr.R.Thiagaraian (Prof. Of Sanskrit Presidency College, Chennai),Unni
Krishnan (the famous Vocalist) and their team. feel proud of this collection and in transmitting
this highly valuable Mantras to the pious listeners to increase their
health and life span.!

Track Listing:

  • Mrtyunjaya Mantra
  • Sudarsana Mantram
  • Ayusya Suktam
  • Bhagya Suktam
  • Mrtyusuktam
  • Amrta Sanjvani Stotram
  • Lakshmi Naraimha Karavalambham
  • Amrta Sanjivani Stotram
  • Laksmi Narasimha Karavalanbham
  • Bhaskara Gayatri and Surya Kavacam
  • Sanaiscara Gayatri and Kaacam
  • Sankastha Nasana Ganesa Stotram
  • Mahalakshmi Angala Stotram
  • Asivadam

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