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Sri Rama Stotranjali

Bhakti is the easiest and most efficient of all paths to the Absolute reality. It is above caste, creed and sex. The aspirant may conceive God in his own way as the perfect ideal of his line of thinking and needs. A worship able avatar or reincarnation of Vishnu in human form is Sri Rama. In this Avatar, Vishnu setforth the ideal of discipline, law, ethical conduct, righteousness of perfect human being morally, intellectually, materially and spiritually.

Hearing the recitation of the sacred names and Stotras of Sri Rama helps inheriting the noble qualities of Rama and bestows spiritual uplifement, fearless, desired boon, good health, fame, wealth, properity, success in life, wisdom and the divine beatitude.

Track Listing:

  • Sri Rama Sahasra Naman
  • Sri Rama Bhujanga Stotra
  • Sri Rama Ashtakam Vyasar
  • Sri Rama Ashtakam
  • Sri Rama Raksha Stotram
  • Sri Rama Jatayukrurta Ram Stotram
  • Sri Rama Ashtothra Sathabidhana Stotram
  • Sri Rama Thrilokya Mahana Kavacham
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