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Annayog - Bhojan Mantras

Distinguished in three parts these mantras are to be heard while cooking, eating and also for digestion. These mantras are acquired from the Vedas, to worship fire / agni within us which needs offering / aahuti. The body needs nourishing food and the mind needs noble thoughts. These two aspects emphasizing the significance of physical and mental nourishment are beautifully captured in the format of a Bhojan mantra followed by a Shanti mantra.

Track Listing:

  • Annashuddhi Sookta (While Cooking)
  • Pranaapaan Mantra (Before Eating)
  • Annopaasana Sookta (Before Eating)
  • Kshudhawardhan Mantra (While Eating)
  • Annadosh Nivaaran Mantra (After Eating for Digestion)
Annayog - Bhojan Mantras

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