Annayog – Bhojan Mantras Audio Titles

Distinguished in three parts these mantras are to be heard while cooking,
eating and also for digestion. These mantras are acquired from the Vedas,
to worship fire / agni within us which needs offering / aahuti. The
body needs nourishing food and the mind needs noble thoughts. These
two aspects emphasizing the significance of physical and mental nourishment
are beautifully captured in the format of a Bhojan mantra followed by
a Shanti mantra.

Track Listing:

  • Annashuddhi Sookta (While Cooking)
  • Pranaapaan Mantra (Before Eating)
  • Annopaasana Sookta (Before Eating)
  • Kshudhawardhan Mantra (While Eating)
  • Annadosh Nivaaran Mantra (After Eating for Digestion)

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