Ganeshanjali Audio CD Titles


He is the Lord of all he surveys… And
it is a blessing in itself that his keen eyes watch over us all…!
Lord Ganesh is the benevolent manifestation of Omkaar, the origin of
all creation… That’s why, to invoke his endearing image is to ensure
an auspicious beginning to all human endeavor and events… Ages and
eras have drifted away. Myths have given way to history… as civilization
has raced into the 21st Century… Lord Ganesh has always been with
us… in our odyssey through life…

The vastness of his divine form defies expression… yet, his loving
image is never too large to reside within the confines of our eager
hearts… And that, perhaps, is because he has graciously and willingly
surrendered to our grasp, and responded most visibly to our devotion!
He is the friendliest of gods that have ever graced our dwellings!

He is often referred to as Lambodar, the one with a protruding
belly, and it is not surprising since he is known to absorb and consume
the accumulated sins of his countless devotees…

While as the Lord, his glory is most original and eternal, his
chosen role on earth is that of a friendly deity whose presence may
be experienced in every aspect of our day-to-day life and living…

Track Listings:

  • Ganesha Namavalliae
  • Odha Vinaiyagalum Gnanam Alithidum
  • Aindhu Kathinai Andhu Karamkonda
  • Adiyamarundhu Vezha Mugam Kondu
  • Kaniyanai karam Koopi
  • Ohmkara Pranavathin
  • Aacharyalin Arulurai
  • Pranayaemsirasadevam Ganesa Stothram
  • Naalettu Peyargalilae
  • Vinayaganae Vallaba Ganapathiyin
  • Paadi Panindhiduvai
  • Yennakku Vendum Varangalai Varma Thara
  • Thumbikaiyin Arulnaadu


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