Poets & Saints: Mirabai

The cult of Krishna is popular all over India. Some see Krishna as the eternal child, while for others he is the wise prophet of the Gita. Perhaps he is the most popular as Krishna the divine lover, playing his celestial flute on the moonlit banks of the river Yamuna, because that is the way he has come down to us through the devotional lyrics of Mira. There is no dearth of mystics in India. But among them Mirabai is unique. She was born a princess and in marriage became a queen. But the kingdom she chose was the one of Krishna. Not for a moment did she swerve from her purpose.

Hers was the immutable faith in Krishna. Uncharitable relatives and uncomprehending friends were no hindrance in her devotion. She had given herself up to Krishna, She belonged to him completely.The lyrics that poured out of her, sing praises of Krishna, The sincerity and sweetness of the songs made them popular all over the land and they remain a rich heritage of mystic poetry in India. The story of Mira, as narrated in this book is based on legends about her and not on historical fact.

Script : Kamala Chandrakant
Illustrator :Yusuf Lien
ISBN : 81-7508-130-9

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