Vighnaharta The Divine Destroyer of Obstacles Audio CD Titles

Vighnaharta The
Divine Destroyer of Obstacles

A novel beginning in life is incomplete
without the blessings of Lord Ganesha, known to promote auspicious
results. This music album has been a matchless presentation that
has all the traditional Sanskrit Mantras in praise of Lord Ganesha
like the Vighnanash Shloka, Ganesh Kavach, Sankat Nashanam Ganesh
Stotram, Vighnanivarak Siddhivinayak Stotram, and many other beautiful
hymns and mantras of Lord Ganesha and lastly culminating with the
traditional from of Ganesh Aarti. Vijay Prakash in his impeccable
vocals seeks the benedictions of this foremost and most lovable
Hindu deity with the melodious tune of various Shlokas in this


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