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As the name implies, Mantrica is about Sanskrit mantras: ancient sacred syllables and verses charged with spiritual power, in some cases core messages from famous Sutras, in others short prayers or recitals to deities.

What the name does not give away is the radically hip and modern environment of tightly percolating bass grooves that Jesse transplants them into, nor his polytonal, welcome-to-dissonances vocal presentation that points at the famous Bulgarian Women's Choir.

This is a very far cry from the ethereal Singh Kaur or Deva Premal but directly related to the worldliness of Kirtan prince Jai Uttal. Throw in some of the ensemble coherence of Vas, Rasa or Tulku, highlighted by electrifying solos on Sarangi and Santoor that in this contemporary milieu sound like dead ringers for Free Jazz improve - in truth, they always were this radical but in this juxtaposition are thus all the more recognizable -- and you'll now find yourself in the heartland of .

CD: $9.75
Cassette: $3.75

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