Glimpses of the Gita – Selected Shlokas Musically Embellished Audio Titles

Glimpses of the Gita – Selected
Shlokas Musically Embellished

The fruits of our efforts are not for us to pluck; we must allow
them to come, much enhanced through God’s own hand. This attitude
in active life is perhaps the greatest counseling any religious scripture
can offer. Because it not only urges us to dedicate our actions to
the Supreme Power, it also lends more power to our elbow, through
the endearing and enduring knowledge that each one of us is serving
His cause. Central to the world-renowned epic, the Mahabharata, the
Bhagwad Gita enshrines Lord Krishna’s direct and dramatic revelations
to the chosen one, the great warrior hero Arjun. Scholars say that
within its eighteen chapters, the Gita holds the distilled essence
of the multifarious and expansive teachings of the Vedas and the

Thus, in a sweeping historic gesture of the Supreme Lord himself,
the Gita is hailed as the accessible treasure house of wisdom, promising
to illuminate every mortal soul who gets drawn within its orbit of
influence. Arrested in self-doubt and inaction, and poised between
the two enormous armies facing each other in the battlefield of Kurukshetra,
Arjun’s moment of reckoning was a blessing in disguise for mankind.
He was privileged to witness Krishna transcending his worldly avatar
and revealing his awesome cosmic image. Our privilege, centuries
later in this faraway Kalyug, is to have access to those words uttered
by the Lord himself, still resonating around the divinity of the
Bhagwad Gita

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Singer: Vijay Prakash

Hindi Voice: Harish Bhimani

English Voice: Salim Ghouse

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