Hanuman Aarti

May we now perform the ceremony of Aarti in adoration of our beloved Hanuman , who is the slayer of the wicked and a quintessential part and parcel of Rama Himself .
His might causes even the Himalayas to tremble and ghosts and goblins to keep their distances.
O Son of Amjani, you bestow great might and always provide succour
of gods and sages 
Sri Ram despatched him on the all-important mission to Lanka
(the isle of demons ), which he reduced to ashes before bringing the tidings
of Sita .
Hanuman, Son of the Wind, leapt across the ocean and the rampart
of the city in the twinkling of an eye. 
Having set Lanka on fire he slew the fiends and accomplished
the task Rama had assigned him.
When Laxmana was lying unconscious, you brought the life 
giving herb at day break which saved the dying warrior .
Descending to the nether regions, you broke open the prison
gates of Yama and pulled Ahiravana?s arms apart.
With his left arm he slew the demons and with the right saved
the gods and sages.
Gods, humans, sages, and devotees chant your aarti and 
glorify you again and again.
In a golden platter with camphor placed beautifully in it, your
mother, Amjani, waves the lustral lamp round you and hymns your praises. 
He who hymns Hanuman?s Aarti goes straight to Vaikuntha ( the
celestial abode of Rama ) and attains salvation.

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