Hare Krishna Audio Titles

The introduction of Bhagvad Gita by Lord Krishna during the epic
battle of Mahabharat has always been considered to be a turning point
by philosophers, religious scholars, sages and others as Gita teaches
its readers the most ideal way of leading one’s life keeping in mind
the practical and material aspects of this world intact. Krishna
has thus been an icon of the modern world for His teaching of Gita
and hence satisfies the craving, the thirst of our ever-confused
souls. The Krishna mantra that is featured in this album has been
long considered to be the ultimate source of meditation and worshipping
of the beloved God ? Krishna. The inviting and resounding sounds
of this mantra provide a soothing influence for the frayed nerves
and immerses in the sea of Krishna Consciousness. The enthralling
album ends with a traditional Krishna Aarti that takes the listeners
in the numinous world of Krishna devotion.

The tracks in this album are:

  • Shree Krishna Mantra
  • Aarti Keejeye Shree Natwarji Ki

Sung by: Anuradha Puadwal & Sanjayraj Gaurinandan

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