Meera Prem Diwani Audio CD Titles

Meera Prem Diwani

To provide you with a perspective on the thought process and wisdom of Kabir, Meera, Tulsidas & Surdas, the famous four poet prophets, we present their landmark verses.

These poems by Kabir, Meera, Tulsidas & Surdas treat universal themes and have great popular appeal even today.


  • Music composed, arranged & conducted by Ashit Desai
  • Narrated in Hindi by Harish Bhimani & Rekha Bhimani

Track Listing:

  • Heri Mein To Darad Diwani
  • Commentary
  • Sunyaa Ri Mhare Hari
  • Commentary
  • Mhare Re Girdhar Gopal
  • Commentary
  • Maai Meine Govind Lino Mol
  • Commentary
  • Maai Mhane Supane Maa
  • Commentary
  • Baso More Nainan Mein
  • Commentary
  • Bala Mein Bairagan Hungi
  • Commentary
  • Chalo Mana Gnaga Jamuna
  • Commentary
  • Barse Badariya Sawan Ki
  • Commentary
  • Jogi Mat Jaa Mat Jaa

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