Music For Feng Shui

Music for Feng Shui

The research has been carried out by DR.T.MYTHILY, Ph.D, who is a research
scholar, a Clinical Psychologist, and Music Therapist. A Doctor Degree
holder in Psychology with Classical music and its therapeutic values
for the improvement in the behavior. She is a graded artist by the All
India Radio and a performing Vocalist, disciple of the performing phenomena
of the century, world celebrity the legend Padmavibhushan Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna
Track Listing:

  • Wind chimes of god news
  • Silky winds of feng shui
  • Singing birds and bamboos
  • Fire
  • Positive energy
  • Expel negative energy
  • Water of prosperity
  • Auspicious clouds and rain
  • Taichi rhytham
  • Harmoney with Feng Shui
  • Earth energy
  • Fountain of good luck
  • Ying & Yang energy
  • Cascade of fortune

CDSA 161

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