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Jeevan – Music Therapy For Nurturing Life

Indian classical music is believed to have the ability to surround the listener with the deeply calming moods of a perfect sunset. As the music pours in the space, it brings the quiet majesty and healing relaxation of nature’s most cherished moments into life. Several researchers have proven that soothing music is helpful on stressful days & sleepless nights and can relive people of tensions and stress. It regenerates body cells and pacifies the mind, creating a mind-set conductive to treatment of the physical and mental ailments. Our sages from time immemorial have emphasized on the significance and potency of music as healer. Doctors across the globe also testify that the sound of soothing music can alter heart and respiration rates as well as brain waves.

Jeevan takes the listener on a journey to the heart of peace where the gentle flow of healing energy nurtures the entire life. Beautiful melodies and sensual, serence harmonies of sarangini, santoor, flute, guitar and tabla create a sacred space where one finds renewal. Raag Nat Bhairav, an intriguing amalgam of ‘Nat’ and ‘Bhairav’ has been chosen to create this serene environment. The note shuddha ‘Re’ occupies a prime position in raag ‘Nat’ which is considered to be a late evening melody.

Track Listing:

  • Melody Of life – Raag Nat Bhairav Alap, Jod & Jhala
  • Life is Beautiful – Raag Nat Bhairav Gat Vilambit & Drut

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