Sanskrit Tales: Vikramaditya’s Throne

This is a story of how the marvellous throne of Raja Vikramaditya was destined to be discovered centuries later by Raja Bhoja; and how Raja Bhoja was instrumental in releasing from a curse, the 32 Apsaras who were turned into statues that supported the throne, by listening patiently to each of their 32 stories on the life and adventures of the magnanimous Vikramaditya.

The story of the throne, the 32 stories as narrated the statues, the 25 stories told by a Vetala to Vikramaditya on one of his adventures are all contained in the original Sanskrit work Vikrama Charitra, written some time between the 11th and the 13th Century. The stories gathered a lot of dross as they were retold in various regions in the various languages of our country. As a result, today there exist numerous slightly differing versions of the same stories coming from different parts of the country.

Script : Kamala Chandrakant
Illustrator :Nana Wagh
ISBN : 81-7508-322-0

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