Ustrasana: Yoga Pose

  • This asana is meant for women.
  • This asana stretches and expands the spine and promotes blood circulation.
  • It exercises the muscles of the torso, thighs and neck.
  • It imporves the functioning of the ovaries, thyroid and other endorine glands.


  1. Sit on the ground in the kneeling position. The body should be supported on the toes and the knees.
  2. Bend backwards.
  3. Hold the heels with the hands. The fingers of the hand should point outwards and the thumbs should point towards the toes.
  4. While inhaling, gradually lift the pelvis. Press the upper torso, both outwards and upwards and bend the neck downwards. The arms should be kept straight.
  5. While exhaling return to the kneeling position.

Time required: 5-7 minutes.

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