Shri Ganesh Mantra Audio CD Titles

Begin you day with an Auspicious note –
literally by listening to the divine sounds and chants of the devotional
album – Shri Ganesh Mantra dedicated to the most benevolent deity in
Hinduism – Shri Ganesh. Immerse yourself into the mesmerising sounds
of the authentic and traditional Shri Ganesh Mantra, along with the
most fames Ganesh Aarti and culminating with the ethnic local Marathi
version of the ‘Suthakarta Dushaharta’ Aarti in this magical album.
The mystical sounds of the Ganesh Mantra are known to have healing
powers (according of the music therapy proponents) and even by simply
listening to this mantra cleanse and purifies the mind and the spirit.

Sung by renowned exponent of devotional music – Suresh Wadkar and
the Mantra Pushpanjali recited by Shree Modak Guruji from the famour
Shree Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai this devotional offering emerges
as an eternal expression of sancity.

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